We innovated processes by delivering a mobile solution that brings alive the tenets of enterprise mobility and is perhaps on every employer’s wish-list! This solution actually acts as a one-stop source of all company information for employees. With an inbuilt knowledge sharing platform, the employees don’t need to look any further than their mobile phones when it comes to sharing ideas and experiences with their colleagues and peers alike.

We designed happy user experiences by delivering a web solution that helps student in need of assisted learning to find and connect with accomplished tutors. We implemented crowd sourcing technology to allow tutors from all across the globe to register and be available to students who need assistance in their academic ventures.


We designed packages that lured consumers by implementing an apt digital presence for a proximity tracking solution through an experience driven website and web/mobile user panel. The solution helps people to keep track of their valuable items and also comes handy to search and track for people who might go missing due to natural calamities. With that plethora of capabilities well articulated through aptly designed package, the solution soon found ways to top of a user’s preference pecking order.

We connected influencers with followers by creating an optimum social presence for a leading choir band from heartlands of Africa. Taking full leverage of available social channels and usage volume among the target audience of these channels, we were able to turn the choir band as a global ambassador for spiritual upliftment and turned their events into some hugely attended affairs.