VirtuallyUp, a coming of age Web Marketing Services Company is driven by its vision of aligning users preferences to your marketing objectives. With its innovative strategies and penchant for interactively engaging audiences with products and services, VirtuallyUp is gradually carving out a niche for itself as a preferred Digital Marketing Outsource Agency among brands from all across the globe.  Knowing the right way for connecting with your target audience and persuade them to remain glued with your brand has helped us to be recognized as a GOTO Digital Marketing Agency in India. A team comprising of search and social marketing geniuses, we are committed to take your product/service right at top of your target audience’s preference pecking order.


Well, there is designing for users and then there is designing a happy journey for users.  We create user personas and dig deep into their subconscious and unconscious minds to come up with solutions destined to be successful. A journey that is cherished by user right from the point they land up on your website/application and cumulates with them being getting what they wanted.


We did what we love and love what we do currently – communicating business specific information to an audience in order to illicit a response that consolidates with a long lasting relationships between businesses and their clients. It includes creating awareness through well crafted websites/apps, initiating interaction through engaging content, enhancing the engagement through active digital presence and ensuring the action through well articulated call for action points.


We did it by envisioning the entire marketing system and not merely the website or an app. A website or an app is one component of a marketing system. Building a more effective website on its own doesn’t make a big impact on any business. Building a more effective digital marketing system does. A system that needs to be build well and managed better. That is why we set goals for every component of your marketing system and measure it regularly for enhanced effectiveness.


We can help you reach your business goals, as simple as that. You envision a product or a service with a certain goal; you need to get there, period. There shouldn’t be a compromise with that and we ensure that with us you have an actual realization of your business goals.  We love being co-owners of your dreams to have an aligned way forward to facilitate a journey with never ending milestones of goals realizations.

our process
client interraction

Instead of focusing on a few ‘touch points’ during the marketing and sales process, we try and utilize all available communication channels to form meaningful, ongoing relationships with our clients. Customer engagement is no longer a series of one-off experiences – it is an ongoing dialogue and hence we ensure that we are constantly speaking to you while giving life to your business vision.

project creation

Once the storyboarding for your business idea is done, we put up the entire project expectations and deliverables on our Project Management System with clearly earmarked delivery milestones. You are made an active participant of this cycle to ensure that it shapes up and cumulates entirely in line to your vision and becomes an ideal launch pad for a successfully business journey ahead.

continuing support

An unrelenting support system is extended to ensure that there are no initial hiccups once your business embarks on its customer success journey. We lend an optimum after delivery support system to wipe out any obstacles that might creep out before the journey enters full throttle. We remain there with you until the wheels start rolling out seamlessly and effortlessly on journey way forward.

Joanna Bobel

It was a pleasure working with Abhishek. He understood our requirements, carved out the solutions and implemented them optimally. The time lines were well maintained and we were very happy with the end result. Taking advantage of his digital knowledge is highly recommended. I look forward to working with him on more projects in future.

Alen Wozniacki

Over the past five years I have tried several SEO consultants and none delivered what they promised. I extended my search to source a reliable consultant and after much research and many enquiries I decided on trying out Mayank. Rest, as they say is History. I wish him all the best for all endeavors he take upon in future.


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